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All Hands on Deck: 8 Essential Lessons for Building a Culture of Ownership | by Joe Tye - America's Values Coach

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This is one of Joe’s most popular keynote topics: Building a Culture of Ownership on a Foundation of Values. While this particular speech is for a healthcare audience, the lessons are applicable to every organization. You'll find this message entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking.

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Read on below to learn more about Joe Tye, his additional speaking topics and how you can invite Joe to speak to your organization.

“Over the past ten years, Joe has given presentations for our 3,400 associates and thousands of our independent insurance agents across the country. His message of building a culture of ownership on a foundation of values is more important today than ever before. Whether you are a Fortune 500 Company or an independent insurance agency, a large hospital or a community clinic, a big university or a local nonprofit agency, you must learn and apply these eight essential lessons if you want to build an organization that endures and creates a legacy that lasts.”
- Roger Looyenga, chairman and CEO (retired) of Auto-Owners Insurance, a Fortune 500 company

Joe Tye Speaking

Joe Tye is America 's Values Coach. He is a nationally recognized speaker on values-based life and leadership skills. He has worked with organizations across North America to help them cultivate a more positive and productive workplace environment, and with thousands of individuals to help them achieve their goals by living their values, with his trademark curriculum on The Twelve Core Action Values.

A dynamic, passionate, and effective speaker who also has fun with his audiences, Joe has presented for organizations as diverse as Auto-Owners Insurance Company, Yellow Book USA, Medical Group Management Association, the U.S. National Park Service, MCI, the Planetree Alliance, and the Kansas Health Foundation Leadership Institute.

Today, Joe’s purpose is to help people respark the spirit of mission in their work and the spirit of adventure in their lives, and to help organizations tap into the invisible treasure of that spirit in the hearts of their people.

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Speaking Topics

All Hands on Deck: 8 Essential Lesson for Building a Culture of Ownership

No one ever changes the oil in a rental car. Why? Because they don't own it. Why invest in something that you don't own? What about your staff or those you lead? Do they own their work, or are they just renting space on the organization chart? The truth is, you can't hold people "accountable" for the things that really matter. Caring, pride, loyalty, fellowship, and passion all come from a spirit of partnership that is created by a culture of ownership. Joe Tye will show you why having a culture of ownership is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage. All Hands on Deck also provides a roadmap of action steps that you can take to build that culture of ownership on a foundation of value.

The Invisible Architecture of Your Organization

Most leaders give extravagant attention to the design of the physical facilities, but it’s the “invisible architecture” that creates lasting impressions on both patients and staff. Employing the metaphor of architectural design, this presentation shares strategies for designing and building the invisible structure of core values, corporate culture, and workplace environment to create a sustainable source of competitive advantage, foster employee ownership, and earn long-term loyalty.

The Four Dimensions of Values-Based Leadership

The four most important duties of every leader are fostering character strength, creating high expectations, promoting a spirit of fellowship, and earning commitment to the quest. This presentation features proven strategies for promoting a culture of values-based leadership (including ideas from the book Take the Stairs, which Joe co-authored with Roger Looyenga, CEO of a Fortune 500 company that is a longstanding Values Coach client).

Honey and Glue

The most serious challenge facing every organization in the years to come will be finding and keeping great people. You attract people with the “honey” of pay and benefits, opportunities for advancement, working conditions, etc. but you retain them with the “glue” of such intangibles as purpose, pride, trust, and fellowship. This presentation shares values-based recruiting and retention strategies for a “sticky” organization.

The Pickle Challenge

Do you have people in your organization whose negative attitudes make them look like they were born with dill pickles stuck in their mouths? The Pickle Challenge, and companion Pickle Pledge, is a fun and effective approach for creating organization-wide commitment to eradicating toxic emotional negativity the way we once eradicated toxic cigarette smoke.

Winning the War with Yourself

Every leader wants to build a winning team, but the non-negotiable (and often overlooked) first step is teaching individual team members skills and attitudes for thinking and acting like a winning player. Using proprietary tools such as The Self-Empowerment Pledge, Direction Deflection Questions, and Metaphorical Visualization, this program helps people overcome negative self-talk, poor self-image and low self-esteem, and other barriers to thinking and acting like the winner we were all born to be.

What Would Florence Do?

Each year, hospitals celebrate National Nurses Week on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who not only founded the profession of nursing, but was also the first real hospital administrator. The way we answer this question can help us respark the spirit of mission that should inspire every caregiver. Some of the answers will also astonish modern-day healthcare professionals.


All Hands on Deck: 8 Essential Lessons for Building a Culture of Ownership | by Joe Tye - America's Values Coach

All Hands on Deck:

8 Essential Lessons for Building

a Culture of Ownership

by Joe Tye

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